Songwriters . Producers .Composers . Film Scorers . Orchestrators . Arrangers

Michael Surprenant and Bryan Crook have been creating music for most of their lives.  Michael is 

an award winning producer, engineer and musician, and Bryan is an award winning arranger, orchestrator and musician.  They share a passion for making every project the absolute best it can be.  Their talents combined with their overwhelming wealth of resources, from their eclectic team of artists, to their complete pool of world-class musicians, and then to their private recording studios in Hawai'i and New York, Michael and Bryan are capable of producing any kind of music from fully in-the-box modern pop to a 60-piece live orchestra.  Michael has engineered and or produced recordings for Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm Ltd, Sony Pictures and more.  Bryan wrote a song featured in Ice Age 4 for Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox, and has orchestrated some of the most celebrated musicals in recent years and was nominated for a Tony Award for his work with Berry Gordy as the orchestrator for Motown the Musical on Broadway in New York City.